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International Cold War spy films produced between 1945 and 1989 with a title that starts with the letter W

Films are arranged alphabetically using their original language title. When a film is a co-production, the title selected is based on the predominant nationality of the film and it's makers.


A list of known titles can be found below and preceeding the images within each subsection.


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W Bialy Dzien  1981
Waga seishun ni kuinashi (我が 青春 に 悔いなし) 1946
Wahan Ke Log  1967
Walk a Crooked Mile  1948
Walk East on Beacon  1952
Wallet, The  1952
Wang Ge Liu Ge 007 (王哥柳哥007 ) 1966
Wanted: Dead or Alive  1986

Wanted: Johnny L 1966
War Dog  1987
Wardaat  1981

Ware für Katalonien 1958
Warhead  1977

We Only Live Wais 1966
We Were Strangers  1947
Weg ohne Umkehr  1953
Weisse fracht für Hong Kong   1964
Westen leuchtet, Der  1982
Wet Job  1981
What’s Up, Tiger Lily? (Redub of Kokusi himitsu keisatsu: Kagi no kagi)  1966
When Eight Bells Toll  1971
When Hell Broke Loose  1958
Where Eagles Dare  1968
Where the Bullets Fly  1966
Where the Spies Are  1966
Where There’s Life  1947
Which Way to the Front  1970
Whip Hand, The  1951
Whistle Blower, The  1987
White Cliffs Mystery, The  1957
White Nights  1985
Whiteforce  1988
Who  1973
Who Dares Wins  1982
Who Done It?  1956
Who Was That Lady?  1960
Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz  1968
Wiener Walzer (TV Feature)   1988
Wild Geese  1978
Wild Geese II  1985
Wild Weird World of Dr. Goldfoot, The  1965
Windmills of the Gods  1988
Wings of Mystery  1963
Winter Kills  1979
Wit's End  1971
Wo ai Ye Laixiang (我爱夜来香) 1983
Wolgwangssangsu (월광쌍수)  1981
Woman on Pier 13, The  1949
Women in the Night  1948
Wonder Women  1973
Wong ga jin si (皇家戰士) 1986
Wong Ka Si Sei IV: Sik Gik Sing Yan (直擊證人) 1989
Woo fook (狐蝠)  1977
World for Ransom  1954
Wrecking Crew, The  1968
Wrong is Right  1982

Wu du mang mang (雾都茫茫) 1980
Wu shi yi hao bing zhan (51號兵站)  1961

Wu xing de zhan xian (无形的战线) 1949

Wu zhang zhao pian (五张照片) 1984
Wudi nu shashou (無敵女殺手) 1967
Wyrok smierci  1980

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