Helicopter - Honeybaby

Helicopter Spies, The  1968
Hell and High Water  1953

Hell Squad 1986
Hennessy  1975
Her Secret Life  1989
Heroes for Hire  1986
Heroes of Telemark, The  1965
Heroes Stand Alone  1989

Heroin 1968
Herrin der Welt - 1.Teil  1960
Herrin der Welt - 2.Teil  1960

Hidden, The 1988
Hidden City  1987
Hidden Fear  1957
Hide and Seek  1963
High Bright Sun, The  1964
High Season  1987
High Treason  1951
High Velocity  1976
Highly Dangerous  1951
Highpoint  1982
Highway to Battle  1960
Hillbillys in a Haunted House  1967
Hindenburg, The  1975
Hit!  1973

Hok Si Hiaw Phayak Neua Mek (หกสี่เอี่ยว พยัคฆ์เหนือเมฆ) 1985
Hokori takaki chosen (期間限定生產) 1962
Holcroft Covenant, The  1985
Hold-Up, instantánea de una corrupción  1977
Hölle von Macao, Die  1967
hombre de Caracas, El  1967
hombre del pũno de oro, El  1967
homme à abattre, Un  1967
homme de l’interpol, L’   1966
homme de Rio, L’  1964
homme de trop, Un   1966
homme qui valait des milliards,L’  1967

Honey and West 1968
Honeybaby, Honeybaby  1974

Helicopter Spies, The (1968 United States)

Hell and High Water (1953 United States)

Hell Squad (1986 United States)

Hennessy (1975 United Kingdom)

Her Secret Life (1989 United States)

Heroes for Hire (1986 Philippines)

Heroes of Telemark, The (1965 United Kingdom)

Heroes Stand Alone (1989 United States)

Heroin (1968 East Germany)

Herrin der Welt - 1.Teil (1960 West Germany / Italy / France) aka Mistress of the World

Herrin der Welt - 2.Teil (1960 West Germany / Italy / France) aka Mistress of the World

The Hidden (1988 United States)

Hidden City (1987 United Kingdom)

Hidden Fear (1957 United States)

Hide and Seek (1963 United Kingdom)

High Bright Sun, The (1964 United Kingdom)

High Season (1987 United Kingdom)

High Treason (1951 United Kingdom)

High Velocity (1976 United States)

Highly Dangerous (1951 United Kingdom)

Highpoint (1982 Canada)

Highway to Battle (1960 United Kingdom)

Hillbillys in a Haunted House (1967 United States)

Hindenburg, The (1975 United States)

Hit! (1973 United States)

Hok Si Hiaw Phayak Neua Mek (หกสี่เอี่ยว พยัคฆ์เหนือเมฆ) (1985 Thailand / Hong Kong) aka Top Secret

Hokori takaki chosen (期間限定生產) (1962 Japan) aka The Proud Challenge

Holcroft Covenant, The (1985 United Kingdom)

Hold-Up, instantánea de una corrupción (1977 Spain / Italy / France) aka Hold Up

Holle Von Macao, Die (1967 West Germany / France / Italy) aka The Corrupt Ones

hombre de Caracas, El (1967 Spain / Italy / Venezuela) aka Crossfire in Caracas

hombre del pũno de oro, El (1967 Spain / Italy) aka Fistful of Diamonds

homme à abattre, Un (1967 Spain / France) aka A Man to Kill

homme de l' Interpol, L' (1966 France) aka The Man from Interpol

homme de Rio, L' (1964 France / Italy) aka That Man from Rio

homme de trop, Un (1966 France) aka Shock Troops

homme qui valait des milliards, L' (1967 France / Italy) aka Million Dollar Man

Honey and West (1968 Philippines)

Honeybaby, Honeybaby (1974 United States)

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