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International Cold War spy films produced between 1945 and 1989 with a title that starts with the letter U


Films are arranged alphabetically using their original language title. When a film is a co-production, the title selected is based on the predominant nationality of the film and it's makers.


A list of known titles can be found below.


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Üç süpermen olimpiyatlarda  1983
Ucho  1970
UFO Allarme rosso... attacco alla Terra!   1973 (1969–1973)
UFO Annientate SHADO… Uccidete Straker… Stop   1974 (1969–1973)
UFO Contatto Radar… stanno atterrando…!   1974 (1969–1973)
UFO Distruggete base Luna!  1973 (1969–1973)
UFO Prendeteli vivi   1974 (1969–1973)
Ukradená vzducholod  1967
Ulagam Sutrum Valiban (உலகம் சுற்றும் வாலிபன்) 1973
Ultimate Impostor, The  1979
Ultimatum  1984
último día de la guerra, El  1968
Um Null Uhr schnappt die Falle zu  1966
Ummisadul sogese (이름 없는 영웅들) 1979
Unakrsna vatra  1969
Und Jimmy ging zum Regenbogen  1971
Under The Rainbow  1980
Undercover Girl  1950
Undercover with the KKK  1978
Undercovers  1982
Underground  1970
Universal Soldier  1971
Unmasking the Idol  1981
Únos  1953
unsichtbaren Krallen des Dr. Mabuse, Die  1962
Uomini ombra  1954
uomo che sfidò l’organizzazione, L’  1975
uomo del colpo perfecto, L’  1968
Up Periscope  1959
Upperseven, l'uomo da uccidere  1965

Üç süpermen olimpiyatlarda (1983 Turkey) aka Three Supermen at the Olympic Games

Ucho (1970 Czechoslovakia) aka The Ear

UFO Allarme rosso... attacco alla Terra! (1969 / 1973 United Kingdom) aka UFO Red Alert ... Attack on Earth!

UFO Annientate SHADO… Uccidete Straker… Stop (1969 / 1974 United Kingdom) aka UFO Crush SHADO… Kill Straker… Stop

UFO Contatto Radar… stanno atterrando…! (1969 / 1974 United Kingdom) aka UFO Radar Contact ... They're Landing ...!

UFO Distruggete base Luna! (1969 / 1973 United Kingdom) aka UFO Destroy the Moon Base

UFO Prendeteli vivi (1969 / 1974 United Kingdom) aka UFO Take Them Alive!

Ukradená vzducholod (1967 Czechoslovakia / Italy) aka The Stolen Airship

Ulagam Sutrum Valiban (உலகம் சுற்றும் வாலிபன்) (1973 India) aka World Roaming Bachelor

Ultimate Impostor, The (1979 United States)

Ultimatum (1984 Poland)

último día de la guerra, El (1968 Spain / Italy) aka The Last Day Of The War

Um Null Uhr schnappt die Falle zu (1966 West Germany) aka The Trap Snaps Shut At Midnight

Ummisadul sogese (이름 없는 영웅들) (1979 North Korea) aka Among the Conspirators

Unakrsna vatra (1969 Yugoslavia / United States) aka Operation Cross Eagles

Und Jimmy ging zum Regenbogen (1971 West Germany / Austria) aka And Jimmy Went to the Rainbow's End

Under The Rainbow (1980 United States)

Undercover Girl (1950 United States)

Undercover with the KKK (1978 United States)

Undercovers (1982 United States)

Underground (1970 United Kingdom / United States)

Universal Soldier (1971 United Kingdom)

Unmasking the Idol (1981 United States)

Únos (1953 Czechoslovakia) aka Kidnapped

unsichtbaren Krallen des Dr. Mabuse, Die (1962 West Germany) aka The Invisible Claws Of Dr. Mabuse

Uomini ombra (1954 Italy) aka Mens’ Shadows

uomo che sfidò l’organizzazione, L’ (1975 Italy / Spain / France) aka Counteragent Against the Organisation

uomo del colpo perfetto, L' (1968 Italy / Spain) aka Hot Diamonds in Cold Blood

Up Periscope (1959 United States)

Upperseven l'uomo da uccidere (1965 Italy / West Germany) aka Upperseven: The Man to Kill

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