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International Cold War spy films produced between 1945 and 1989 with a title that starts with the letter I

Films are arranged alphabetically using their original language title. When a film is a co-production, the title selected is based on the predominant nationality of the film and it's makers.


A list of known titles can be found below and preceeding the images within each subsection.


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I Am Curious Tahiti  1970

I... comme Icare 1979
I Deal in Danger  1966
I See a Dark Stranger  1946
I Was a Communist for the FBI  1951
I Was a Zombie for the F.B.I.  1982
I Was an American Spy  1951
I Was Monty’s Double  1958
Ice Cold in Alex  1960
Ice Station Zebra  1968
I'dam Mayyit (اعدام ميت فلم) 1985
If You Go Down in the Woods Today  1981
Igra bez nichey (Игра без ничьей) 1966
Igrek 17 (Игрек 17) 1973
Ih, du forbarmende  1964
Ikh znali tolko v litso (Их знали только в лицо) 1966
Il faut tuer Birgitt Haas  1981
Ill Met By Moonlight  1958
Illegal Entry  1949
Illusions  1983
Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks   1976
Im Nest der gelben Viper - Das FBI schlägt zu  1964
Im Stahlnetz des Dr.Mabuse  1961
importante è non farsi notare, L’  1979
Impossible Kid, The  1982
Impossible Spy, The  1987
Impuscaturi sub clar de luna  1977
In der Hölle ist noch Platz  1961
In Enemy Country  1968
In Like Flint  1967
In Like Flynn  1985
In the Line of Duty: The F.B.I. Murders  1988
In the Secret State  1985
Incheonsangryukjakjeon (인천상륙작전)  1965
Incognito   1958
inconnue de Hong-Kong, L’  1963
inconnue de Shandigor, L’  1967
Incredible Voyage of Stingray, The  1980 (1965)
indiscrétion, L’  1982

Infiltrators 1969
Information Received  1961
Ingiliz Kemal  1968
Ingiliz Kemal Lawrense karsi  1952
Ingiliz Kemalin oglu  1968
In-Laws, The  1979
Innocent Bystanders  1972
Insee Daeng (อินทรีย์แดง ตอน อินทรีย์ผยอง) 1988

Insee thong (อินทรีทอง) 1970
Inshalla Razzia am Bosporus  1962
Inspector Clouseau  1968
Inspector, The  1962
Insurance Investigator  1951
Intelligence Men, The  1964
Intent to Kill  1958
International Style, The  1983
Internecine Project, The  1974
Interpol  1957
Interpol (인터폴)  1981
Interpol contre X  1960

Interpol Hadlang sa manlulupig 1965
Interpol in Beirut (أنتربول في بيروت)  1966
Interpol llamando a Lima  1969
Interpol llamando a Rio  1961
Into The Night  1985
Intrigo a Los Angeles  1964
Intrigue  1988
Invaders from the Deep  1981 (1965)
Invasion U.S.A.  1985
Invasion: UFO   1980 (1969–1973)
invincible superman, L’  1967
Io... donna  1971
Ipcress File, The  1965
Iron Curtain, The  1948
Iron Petticoat, The  1956
Ishtar  1987
Ismail Yasin bolis sirri  (سماعيل يس في البوليس السري ) 1959
Ispanskiy variant (Испанский вариант) 1980
İstanbul Dehşet İçinde  1966
Istanbul Express  1968
Italian Secret Service  1967
It's Not Cricket  1949
Itsuka darekaga korosareru (いつか誰かが殺される)  1984
Ivanovo detstvo (иваново детство) 1962

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