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International Cold War spy films produced between 1945 and 1989 with a title that starts with the letter J

Films are arranged alphabetically using their original language title. When a film is a co-production, the title selected is based on the predominant nationality of the film and it's makers.


A list of known titles can be found below and preceeding the images within each subsection.


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Jaali Note  1960
Jade Mask, The  1945
Jaga wa hashitta (豹は走った) 1970
Jaguar Lives!   1979
jaguares contra el invasor misterioso, Los  1975

Jake Speed 1986
James Band 007 (เจมส์แบน 007) 1980
James Bande 00 Sexe  1981
James Bande contre O.S.SEX 69  1986
James Batman  1966
James Bone Agent 001   1986
James Tont operazione D.U.E.  1965
James Tont operazione U.N.O.  1965
Jamesband 777  1971
Jane Bond  1975
Jane Bond 008: Operation Karachi    1971
Jane Bond Meets Golden Rod  1987
Jane Bond Meets Octopussy  1986
Jane Bond Meets Thunderballs  1986
Jane Bond Meets Thunderthighs  1988
Jao Insee (จ้าวอินทรีย์) 1968
jassus, El (الجاسوس)  1965
Je plaide non coupable  1956

Je t'offre mon corps   1984
Jedara Bale (ಜೇಡರ ಬಲೆ) 1968
Jeokseonjidae (적선지대)  1966
Jerusalem File, The  1971
Jet Attack  1958
Jet Pilot  1957
Jewels of Brandenburg, The  1947

Ji jing de shan lin (寂静的山林) 1957

Ji zhan qian ye (激战前夜) 1957
Jian die zhan yu nu se wu guan (间谍战与女色无关) 1989
Jian xi (奸细) 1980
Jiaoyin (脚印) 1955
Jigsaw Man, The  1984
Jin ku lou 金骷髏    1967
Jin niukou (金鈕扣) 1966
Jin ou (金鷗) 1967
Jin pu sa (金菩萨) 1966
Jin san jiao (金三角) 1975
John Goldfarb, Please Come Home!  1965

Johnnie Mae Gibson: FBI 1986
Johnny Allegro  1949
Johnny Stool Pigeon  1949
Johny Mera Naam  1970

Jokers, The 1967
jour et l’heure, Le  1963
Journey into Fear  1975
Journey to Freedom  1957
Journey, The  1959
joyas del diablo, Las  1969
Judith  1965
judoka agent secret, Le  1966
Jugando con la muerte  1982
Jugeun Jawa San Ja (죽은 자와 산 자)  1966
Jumpin' Jack Flash  1986
Jungle Heat  1957
Jurm Aur Sazaa  1974
Just Another Secret  1989
Justine  1969
Jutri bam prastra  1969

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