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International Cold War spy films produced between 1945 and 1989 with a title that starts with the letter L

Films are arranged alphabetically using their original language title. When a film is a co-production, the title selected is based on the predominant nationality of the film and it's makers.


A list of known titles can be found below and preceeding the images within each subsection.


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Labios rojos 1960

Lady Jamesbond (లేడీ జమేస్బొండ్) 1980

Lady Killer 1965
Lady Porno  1976
Lady Vanishes, The  1979
Lady Without Passport, A  1950
Ladybear  1985
Laissez tirer les tireurs  1964
Laivaston monnit maissa   1954

Lambat 1965

Lan dun bao xian xiang (蓝盾保险箱) 1983
Lan se ye zong hui (蓝色夜总会) 1967
Laser Mission  1989
Lassiter  1984
Last Blitzkrieg, The  1959
Last Embrace  1979
Last Escape, The  1970
Last Grenade, The  1970
Last of The Secret Agents?, The  1966
Last Time I Saw Archie  1961
Last Train from Bombay  1952
Legend of the Champions  1983 (1968)

Legenda 1971
Lekce  1971
Lemmy pour les dames  1961
Leonard Part 6  1987
Leone Have Sept Cabeças, Der  1970
léopard, Le  1984
leopardi di Churchil, I  1971
Les Patterson Saves the World  1987
Let's Get Laid  1977
Let's Kill Uncle  1966
Leute mit Flügeln  1960
Li san jiao wei zhen di yu men  (李三脚威震地狱门)  1977
Liao yuan de xiang cun (遼遠的鄉村) 1950
Liberté, la nuit  1983
Licence to Kill  1989

Licence to Thrill 1985
Licensed to Kill  1965
Licensed to Love and Kill  1979
Lie hu xingdong (獵狐行動) 1988

Lie zi jiu jiu hao (獵字99號) 1978
Lieb Vaterland magst ruhig sein  1976
Liebesnächte in der Taiga  1967
ligne de démarcation, La  1966
Limbo Line, The  1968
Linhaixueyuan (林海雪原) 1960
Liquidator, The  1965
Lisbon Story  1946
Little Drummer Girl, The  1984
Little Nikita  1988
Little Red Monkey  1955
Little Spies (TVM) Source TV Series: Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color  1986
Live and Let Die  1973
Living Daylights, The  1987
Llaman de Jamaica, Mr. Ward  1968
loco en acción, Un  1983
London Connection, The  1979
London Conspiracy  1974 (1971)
Londra chiama Polo Nord  1956
Long Shadow, The (WW2)  1961
Looking for Danger  1957
Looking Glass War, The  1969
Losers, The  1970
loups chassent la nuit, Les  1952
loups entre eux, Les  1985
louve solitaire, La  1968
Love and Murder  1966
Love is Forever  1983
LSD - Inferno per pochi dollari  1967
Lubang to no kiseki: Rikugun Nakano gakko 1974
Lucifer Complex, The  1978
Lucky, el intrépido  1966

lupo della frontiera, Il  1950

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