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The International Spy Film Guide

1945 - 1989

by Richard Rhys Davies


2,211 Films from 65 Countries

Reviewed, Rated and Illustrated


A colossus of a book—1100 pages in full colour across two hardback volumes.

This unique work provides a wealth of information and imagery from The Kiss Kiss Kill Kill Archive—The International Spy Film Guide is the ultimate celebration of espionage cinema of the Cold War era.  

Ten years in the making, the encyclopaedia rediscovers and celebrates films previously hidden by the geographical and political divisions of the Cold War. Featuring spy films from every continent and of all political persuasions, the ISFG shows that the peoples of all nations are not so different after all.

Each film is complemented by an  image from the archive and is given a brief synopsis amd review plus a  score out of ten. Films with 8 and above are awarded a KKKKA stamp of approval. Films with 2 or less get the damning toxic stamp.

Useful extras include a glossary, an index of co-production titles, alternative English titles, a film series appendix and a list of 200 missing films.

An essential reference book for spy film fans, James Bond aficionados, genre enthusiasts, film academics, cult film specialists, cinema historians and lovers of Eurospy, Mexispy, Bollyspy, Blaxspy, Bossaspy, Asiaspy, Arabspy and Sovietspy.


ISBN 978-0-9569435-1-4

RRP £125


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Kiss Kiss Kill Kill:

The Graphic Art and Forgotten Spy Films of Cold War Europe




Kiss Kiss Kill Kill:

The Graphic Art and Forgotten Spy Films of Cold War Europe


The Catalogue

The KKKK exhibiton catalogue is now available.


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The book is a large format A4 all colour art book on 100g paper stock with over 100 stunning newly restored posters. All artwork from the KKKK exhibition is featured as well as an introductory essay by the curator Richard Rhys Davies. 






The KKKK Archive is continally developing new projects. Only half of the archive is currently on-line. More will be uploaded in due course. Further publications and new exhibition venues will be announced in the future.


The KKKK Archive : Home of Cold War Spy Cinema


The Kiss Kiss Kill Kill archive is dedicated to preserving spy cinema artifacts from the Cold War. This includes a poster and stills collection numbering 14,000+ pieces and an extensive DVD, 16mm film print and music library. There are also examples of Cold War games for children. Images of all these artefacts can be seen on this website.


This website is designed to be a resource for the overlooked spy film genre offering reviews and images of little known films.


A key ambition of the archive is to conserve important cultural artefacts that reflect the zeitgeist of their time. The focus is on films and graphic art that fall outside the accepted cannon of “good art”.


The time span covered by the archive is 1945 to 1985; from Churchill's "Iron Curtain" speech to Gorbachev's glasnost.


Original materials for all images on the website are owned by the archive.



The Curator




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